the fear of not feeling understood, sometimes not even listened to


the fear of making a tattoo that is one of many, without the respect due to the (few?!) stratospheric moments of a life


hose moments that changed you, from zero to a hundred


I’m not for everyone

I am for those who feel different

for those who are proud to be different


I carefully select the stories to tell with a tattoo, not to judge the facts, but to make sure I can extrapolate the feelings and be able to transform them into lines

a day with me is an alternative life experience, not an ``easy`` tattoo, cash needle and go on

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  • a vegan, eco-friendly and socially committed tattoo
  • a day of relax exclusively for you, on holiday from the world and hidden from society: there is only you and your path, without distractions
  • NO drawings in advance, the day of the appointment we will know each other and, through my collaborative design method, we will carefully choose all the details of the tattoo
  • NO copy & paste, the design is designed together with you and for you therefore OBVIOUSLY it will never be reproduced on anyone else
  • design through the psychology of the image, through the emotional exposure to the memories of events and their reorganization, the analysis of emotions and the combination with my knowledge of image symbology and composition
  • disposable materials only and procedure according to AUSL and OMS, but not only, it is a hygiene protocol approved by me, the biggest asshole in the world
  • Final GIFT BOX with useful and futile things, but also everything necessary for a careful healing of the tattoo, served and reveredì
  • complete post-tattoo assistance, because the tattoo does not start when it touches the needle and does not end when it comes off, it goes a little beyond these borders
!!! what YOU WILL NOT FIND from me !!!

# a commercial tattoo, perhaps already seen online or by a friend
# a cold and detached experience, sterile of feelings > it will not be “arrive, enter, tattoo, pay and go, bye bye”
# you won’t find the stereotypical tattoo artist in the stereotypical tattoo studio > the big tattooed guy, dressed in black and with a cigarette in his mouth who tattooes in silence, in a city center studio with solid walls, darkened windows and some skulls here and there
# a drawing ready, made at home by myself > “take, choose and go …” and if you don’t want it, someone else will, it’s the same


  • € from 1800
  • ● for tattoos from more than one session

    ● application of a discounted daily rate

    ● a different Gold GiftBox for each appointment

    ● access to the PREMIUM PROGRAM

  • 1200-1800
  • ● tattoo of the maximum size of a 20×30 cm approx

    ● with many subjects united in harmony

    ● Gold GiftBox

    ● access to the PREMIUM PROGRAM

  • 800-1000
  • ● tattoo the size of a hand or a little more

    ● a single subject with some small company junk

    ● miti GiftBox

  • 200-600
  • ● a calligraphy tattoo written IN MY STYLE

    ● only a quote NO ANNEX DRAWINGS

    ● Baby GiftBox

what is included in the price?

✔︎ the experience of a day in a place outside the chaotic civilized world personalized following your diversity

✔︎ shuttle service from my studio to the PICK UP point

✔︎ the Lady Sara SUPER CARD that will give you discounts and concessions of all kinds all concentrated on local activities at Km0 that I respect and that could make your Tour in my world even more useful and unforgettable, even if quick

✔︎ a day dedicated exclusively to you, without distractions, in total listening

✔︎ vegan lunch in our company

✔︎ creation of the tattoo project through the psychology of the image and the detailed analysis of your personal history

✔︎ uniqueness of the design, created only FOR YOU and WITH YOU and which I will not reproduce on anyone else

✔︎ PsicoDesign Book, with the meanings of YOUR personal tattoo

✔︎ 100% vegan tattoo, respectful of the body, and nickel free

✔︎ eco friendly production cycle, respectful of the environment

✔︎ procedure according to AUSL and OMS and disposable materials only

✔︎ implementation of the “ELZI PROJECT” conceived and implemented to drastically maximize the anti-infection sanitation protocols for Covid-19 

✔︎ a portion of my earnings will be donated to the health emergency by Covid-19

✔︎ GIFT BOX with everything needed for tattoo healing and other trivial things

✔︎ full post tattoo assistance

✔︎ the Lady Sara Guarantee

are you afraid that it is money thrown away?

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Relaxing, exciting, moving

Everything was really unusually beautiful !! But all everything !!! In short, a day of those that are not forgotten in life ... beyond the fact that you perform a tattoo !!! Brava Sara, you are a phenomenon! but above all you are ... U N I C !!! your empathy manages to bring out our emotions in an amazing way !!

Your way of working is exactly what I was looking for, a PERSON and ARTIST capable of interpreting a story, of focusing one moment rather than another, and transforming it into an indelible one. I was pleasantly surprised by our meeting, happy to have found you and made me live a beautiful emotion ... unique experience. Thanks Sara

Nothing to say .. I'd choose you a thousand more times to tell my story and I've never kept this secret from you. Your method and your personality are crazy, amazing. You are a high level artist in my opinion and you are meticulous and I like this very much. Your method then .. the first time I came I left without knowing what I would have tattooed and instead of scaring me this intrigued me a lot and the fact of returning home with a tattoo that was not at all what I expected was surprising ! I immediately trusted you as soon as I saw you and I would have entrusted you with my skin even without looking at what you would have tattooed me! You are great Sara!

It's a different, unique experience, if you don't try it you can't understand. From start to finish I felt welcomed, followed, understood .... The hours have flown by! And it is not easy to combine all this. But you can do it very well! Keep it up, believe in yourself and expand your magic!

Rock Creative Dynamics To live

I wanted to live the experience of my first tattoo as a mega journey away from everything and everyone: reality has fully reflected the expectations! To all those who ask me how I found myself, I reply that it was a "beautiful trip". There are no other words that make the idea !! And I would never have tattooed if not in this way, so happy to have met you!

don’t you know if i am the right tattoo artist?

make some gossip in the ABOUT ME

or read the article

don’t you know if you are ready to get tattooed?

you would like to be tattooed but you have not yet decided what?

do you think i’m like everyone else?

are you afraid that I can’t understand you?

I will only select your project if I am sure I can do it

what’s still blocking you?

Are you afraid of feeling bad?

I select only 60 projects per semester to dedicate all the attention you need to make you live an all-inclusive VIP day



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My tattoos are recognizable and invisibly wear my signature, that's why I want them to be perfect, because they are my best business card

So let's see what I can and I want to guarantee:

  • original sketch, drawing created with you and only for you
  • 100% designs approved on the first try
  • 16 years of experience and high quality techniques
  • HIGH QUALITY, vegan & eco-friendly materials
  • legal procedure
  • free retouch and complete post tattoo assistance
  • BUT….!!!! you also have to do your part:
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