: Psico Design ep. 2 : PAPER BOAT

the paper boat is sometimes associated to childhood


it brings us back to that moment in which we learnt to make it, with our father or grandfather
in the greatest moments of boredom, they would take out a piece of paper and teach us how to fold it to create a toy that would keep us busy for a few hours


later, those boats would end up in the puddles of the streets, to make sure if they could really move and follow their path


that little boat would tell us about an introspective moment


that moment when we were silently staring at that little boat in the puddle




the little boat gives us a feeling of melancholy and loneliness


the image of a little boat in the middle of a lake is often associated to just one man on board, perhaps with a fishing rod in his hands



focused on the water and on his multiple thoughts


moreover, our paper boat doesn’t even have a captain
it ripples back and forth, following the flow of the water


and is there to symbolize that “we are not the captains” of our own emotions, of our personal sailing ship


carried by memories, at least for a while


with love,

Lady Sara