: Psico Design ep. 23 : CARDO

THISTLE, the hidden meaning in a tattoo 


in this short article of the section “PSICO DESIGN – the psychology of the drawings” we address the meaning and symbolism of the THISTLE from a mythical or primordial point of view, to apply it in the portrayal of the tattoo


Anyway, we speak of fairytales that make us dream, there’s no time for science here


The prefrontal cortex has no ground here, we move within the emotions of the limbic brain or the instinct of the reptilian brain 


THE THISTLE is a small country flower with bright colors and thousands of sharp prickles


the flower of the thistle was used for “carding” the wool, an operation that allowed to take the raw wool and use prickles of the thistle as a comb, to untangle intricate wool fiber and make possible the spinning of the wool, in order to make a thread


the thistle tames the wool fibers, it unravels them, it makes them more malleable, makes them more usable


just like taming a dog

just like the meeting of a man and a woman

just like the Little Prince and the Fox


the flower of the thistle and its weird prickles are useful to unravel the knot, to be able to walk together


with love,

by Lady Sara