: Psico Design ep. 29 : TIGER

TIGER, the hidden meaning in a tattoo 


in this short article of the section “PSICO DESIGN – the psychology of the drawings” we address the meaning and symbolism of the TIGER from a mythical or primordial point of view, to apply it in the portrayal of the tattoo


Anyway, we speak of fairytales that make us dream, there’s no time for science here


The prefrontal cortex has no ground here, we move within the emotions of the limbic brain or the instinct of the reptilian brain 


THE TIGER speaks of truth… 


it has a great awareness of its means, its power, and total control of its strength because it knows very well when to use it or not


in tattoos we use it to represent a great strength found with wisdom 


in fact, the tiger is a sacred animal in the East

mythological, full of legendary stories and tales, full of special powers


it’s one of the five emperor’s superheroes, used to protect the sacred places, even those sacred to yourself


because legends tell that the tiger can see the truth of your soul


it knows how to distinguish the good from the bad

it lets you get close with no care and tranquility if your intentions are good

but for the bad ones….the tiger snaps in a flash, it’s beside you and it roars in your ears

(if she’s nice, if she is not, she mauls you)


the legend has it that the stripes that decorate it are the scanner of souls,

either good or bad, 

black or white, 

yes or no, 

alive or dead


like every feline anyway, as well as cougars and panthers, lions and lionesses, the tiger in tattoos represents the primordial brute force, the one that comes out when you do not look for it, but when you need it


with love,

by Lady Sara