I thought about how tattoos were born in the past: as sacred rituals of passage, which lasted hours or days

  • there was an important PRE tattoo phase together with the village priest to prepare the ritual, mentally and physically
  • then there is the tattoo phase which was seen as a blood sacrifice to the Gods, to ask them to help him in this important transition phase
  • and then the ritual POST phase, in which the Gods infused their blessing to the rookie and changed his life

we are in 2020 and I have modernized this ancient ritual

it all starts with a story, a fairy tale, a memory, a feeling

with what you want to start to tell and so I start dreaming … as if I were reading a book, I imagine the scenes that you create

and then I’ll explain them to you, as I see them


I don't prepare drafts in advance I draw everything together with you, for you

because I think that the tattoo must be as mine and your and I want to make you part of the structure and the project, of every detail


I can’t draw without knowing you and without asking you a millions of details


and so,

the day of the appointment I will arrive with a baggage full of images and symbols


I will arrive with all those meanings and details that you have NOT told me, but that I found in your words

and together we decide what suits for you, what doesn’t, and we create the basis of the design until all the details are hypothesized (the color palette, the techniques, the subjects) and everything fits

that’s where our tattoo begins


now I would like to tell you a small peace of my work


of how I take the story and draw a picture of it,

of how I look at your story with my own eyes and then tell it to you again


you can download for free a little part of my seminar “LINES & FEELINGS FOR ETERNAL MOMENTS”

I’m not perfect but I’m different