in antiquity, tattoos were originated as sacred rites of passage that lasted for days

  • there was an important pre-tattoo phase with the village priest to prepare for the ritual, mentally and physically 
  • then came the tattooing phase, which was seen as a blood sacrifice to the Gods, asking for their help in this important passage 
  • finally, there was the post-ritual phase, where the Gods bestowed their blessing upon the novice and changed their life

in the 21st century, I have modernized that ancient ritual

it all begins with a story, a fable, a memory, a feeling

whatever you want to start telling and so I begin to dream… as if I were reading a book, imagining the scenes you create 

then I explain them to you, as I see them

and that’s where our tattoo and your journey within yourself begin

I don't prepare drafts in advance, I draw everything together with you, for you, with you

I can’t stand the idea of preparing a drawing beforehand, without knowing you and without asking you millions of details 

so, on the appointment day, I come with all those meanings and details that you haven’t told me but that I’ve discovered between your words
together we create the basis of the design until all the details are hypothesized 

you can download an excerpt of my seminar “LINES & FEELINGS FOR ETERNAL MOMENTS” for free to see a glimpse of my work. 

in my blog, I explain it in a more romantic way: