and why is something a little long that I tried to explain in an article of my BLOG, 

but at the end I could tell you that it seems to me to cancel a part of life lived

it seems to me an injustice, even if the future has changed and maybe that part of life has become tremendous, or maybe the tattoo has changed and has become horrendous

but in any case … we are what we are because of or because of what we were

let’s say that ethically I wouldn’t want to be part of this “erase”


I am against covering the tattoos ^_^

and you probably came to this page because you were looking for a completely different point of view …

but I would like to tell you a story about it, maybe I could insinuate doubts

I proud wear my horrible tattoos despite everything and I regretted having covered some small tattoos, even if I did it for lack of other free space in the body ^_^

in addition my tattoo style (very soft and in which often empty and full contrast) is not suitable for this kind of tattoo

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surely the cover ups bring with them a great satisfaction at the finished work, but also a load of tension and enormous puzzles, they require a much greater work, obviously, than tattoos on white “canvas”:

  • they require a longer, detailed and scrupulous design, which puts a lot of anxiety and severely limits the artistic vein
  • they require different technical skills and different skin and time management
  • also it is more likely that a retouch of the tattoo is needed after 4-6 weeks due to the settling of the new pigments with the old ones
  • they also require more careful and scrupulous care by the client during the healing phase ^_^

for these reasons, I don’t want to perform cover ups

in very rare cases when I accepted, it is because the person is a big friend and I still applied a surcharge on the price of the tattoo