What's the WAITING LIST to get a tattoo?

more or less two month for foreign people

HOW MUCH does your tattoo cost?

My daily rate varies from a minimum of 800 euros (even for small tattoos) to a maximum of 1600 euros (for large tattoos as big as an A4 sheet) based on the time I estimate is necessary to make the tattoo

What is INCLUDED in the tattoo PRICE?

✔︎ the experience of a day in a place outside the civilized world
✔︎ an exclusive day just for you, without distractions
✔︎ 100% vegan tattoo, respectful of the body and nickel free
✔︎ eco-friendly production cycle, respectful of the environment
✔︎ AUSL procedure and materials for single use only
✔︎ creation of the tattoo project through image psychology
✔︎ uniqueness of the design, created only for you AND WITH YOU, which I will not reproduce on anyone else
✔︎ autographed and framed print of your design
✔︎ coming soon: a mini booklet with the meanings of the elements inserted in your design, of the part of the body and of the colors you have chosen (I’m still working on)
✔︎ a portion of my earnings will go to charity
✔︎ GIFT BOX with everything needed for healing the tattoo and other little things too ^_^
✔︎  post tattoo assistance
✔︎ the Lady Sara Garantee

WHERE do you work?

I have my private tattoo studio in Italy> EmiliaRomagna > Cesena > Mercato Saraceno ^_^

The exact address is unknown, I can’t even find it on Google Maps because I’m lost in the top of a hill, but don’t worry! I will come to the village to get you ^_^

Do you only work in your studio or TRAVEL ALSO?

I am pleased to announce that I have chosen to spend a sabbatical year (or maybe more ?!) and therefore there are currently no planned national or international journeys

I know that the service I can offer you in this particular corner of the world, I could not offer it anywhere else … and I would like to offer you the best possible experience ^_^

How do I set up a CONSULTATION?

sorry, i’m not consulting ^_^

To talk about a project and give meaningful information, I need to know a lot of information, all of which are in the questionnaire; then the consultation for the tattoo is the questionnaire ^_^

Would you like to know if I am the right tattoo artist for your project and understand if there is an affinity?
Follow me on social networks to understand what kind I am ^_^
and eventually you can read this article of my Blog: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST

When will I be able to SEE the tattoo DESIGN?


the day of your appointment ^ _ ^

I do not prepare drawings in advance, but I design everything with you and I design everything with you, following the advice and changes that you most appreciate. Based on the tattoo you asked to do and above all based on the meaning you explained to me, I prepare an idea to propose to you … or rather, more ideas, lots of ^ _ ^ I’ll tell you stories of hidden symbologies and treasures to be found under images apparently less complex, but with an emotional impact, unconsciously, stronger. I will explain you myths and legends, but also technical and logical bases to create a good tattoo and we will arrive together with the final project of your tattoo while speaking of techniques, colors and effects…. every detail will be gently planned before starting to tattoo, but we will program it together. To make your tattoo your own, not just yours and not mine alone. I know that maybe this is a difficult point, so if you want I have prepared a short PDF file to tell you a practical example and you can find it by clicking HERE

Will we be able to do EVERYTHING IN A DAY?

if you want to deepen the topic I suggest you this article of my Blog: WITHIN A BOOK, YOUR BOOK

How can I get an APPOINTMENT?

The first step is: fill out the questionnaire to allow me to fully understand your project and give you all the necessary information

you will receive a reply email to know if I can accept your project and, if so, I will be give you all the information concerning

So you can evaluate if you like the information provided and contact me to make an appointment.

Will you be the RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST for me? How can I choose the right tattoo artist?

And here … my Galactic Guide to the customer Stalker !!! A small path of 5 steps to select the best tattoo artist for your next tattoo ^ _ ^

How should I PREPARE myself before an appointment?

Here is a perfect article to answer this question, my vademecum of the 5 things to do and not to do before a tattoo ^ _ ^

Do you work on SATURDAY?

My working days are currently Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

I would like to make a COVER UP, how do we proceed?

I am very supportive of the CoverUp of scars but I am not in favor of the CoverUp of old tattoos and I don’t make the second one

maybe, you can read this article to nderstand why: TATTOOS COVER UP, BUT I LOVE VINTAGE

Why should I put the SUN CREAM on my tattoo?!?

Superb question! And I found a very nice way to explain it to you in simple simple words, here is my article: PROTECTIVE CREAM? NO THANKS!


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