What's the WAITING LIST to get a tattoo?

more or less two month for foreign people

HOW MUCH does your tattoo cost?

What is INCLUDED in the tattoo PRICE?

✔︎ the experience of a day in a place outside the civilized world
✔︎ an exclusive day just for you, without distractions
✔︎ 100% vegan tattoo, respectful of the body and nickel free
✔︎ eco-friendly production cycle, respectful of the environment
✔︎ AUSL and OMS procedure and materials for single use only
✔︎ creation of the tattoo project through image psychology
✔︎ uniqueness of the design, created only for you AND WITH YOU, which I will not reproduce on anyone else
✔︎ autographed and framed print of your design
✔︎ PSICOBOOK with the meanings of the elements inserted in your design, of the part of the body and of the colors you have chosen
✔︎ a portion of my earnings will go to charity
✔︎ GIFT BOX with everything needed for healing the tattoo and other little things too ^_^
✔︎  post tattoo assistance
✔︎ the Lady Sara Garantee

WHERE do you work?

I have my private tattoo studio in Italy > EmiliaRomagna > Cesena > Mercato Saraceno ^_^

the address is top secret, you can’t even find it on Google Maps because I’m lost in the top of a hill, but don’t worry! I will come to the city center to pick you up ^_^

Do you only work in your studio or TRAVEL ALSO?

I am pleased to announce that I have chosen to spend a sabbatical year (or maybe more ?!) and therefore there are currently no planned national or international journeys

I know that the service I can offer you in this particular corner of the world, I could not offer it anywhere else … and I would like to offer you the best possible experience ^_^

How do I set up a CONSULTATION?

to talk about your project and give meaningful information, I need to know a lot of information, all of which are in the questionnaire; filling the questionnaire is the way to have a consultation for your tattoo  ^_^

would you like to know if I am the right tattoo artist for your project and understand if there is an affinity? you can read this article: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST

When will I be able to SEE the tattoo DESIGN?

the day of your appointment ^ _ ^

I do not prepare drawings in advance, but I design everything with you, based on the meaning you’d like to represent

if you want to read some practical examples, I prepared a short PDF: clicking HERE

Will we be able to do EVERYTHING IN A DAY?

YESSSSSSSS!!!   cause we will have two appointments ^_^

a video call to design your project
and then an afternoon to tattoo ^_^

How can I get an APPOINTMENT?

first of all: fill out the questionnaire
to allow me to fully understand your project and then you will receive an email to know if I can accept your project and, if so, I will give you all the information

then you can evaluate and replay me to fix an appointment

I would like to make a COVER UP, how do we proceed?


but I am not in favor of tattoo cover up so I don’t make them
you can read this article to understand why: TATTOOS COVER UP, BUT I LOVE VINTAGE