but now I have taken a sabbatical year (or maybe more ?!)


there are no stages currently scheduled

currently it is not my intention to travel because I am aware that the quality of the product and services that I can offer is better if I stay here in my niche world, out of civilization and time

I am aware that some small stops are needed to be in contact with society, to meet old friends, make some gossip and stay updated on new materials and equipment … but in small doses

on tour

if there are stages of the scheduled tour and you want to get tattooed during one of these you can fill in the questionnaire by selecting the ON TOUR option

your project will be put on a waiting list and a month before the date, I will choose the projects to be carried out and I will inform you of the positive and negative results

The past stages of the tour

tattoo convention

Summer Tattoo Festival – Senigallia 2014

East Coast Tattoo Convention – Pescara 2015

Salento Ink – Brindisi 2015

Summer Tattoo Festival – Senigallia 2015

Italian tattoo artist – Torino 2015

Ankon tattoo convention – Ancona 2015

Female tattoo convention – Roma 2016

International Tattoo Expo di Roma – Roma 2016

Lecce tattoo fest – Lecce 2016

Painting booth al Venetian Tattoo Gathering – Venezia 2016

Amsterdam tattoo convention – Amsterdam 2016

Summer tattoo festival – Senigallia 2016

Barcellona tattoo expo – Barcellona 2016

Hell City tattoo Convention – Columbus (USA) 2017

ITS International Tattoo Show – Riccione 2017

Milano tattoo convention – Milano 2018

Lecce Tattoo Fest – Lecce 2018

InkMania 2.0 > Hasselt (Belgium) 2018

Milano tattoo convention – Milano 2019

Florence tattoo convention – Firenze 2019

Milano tattoo convention – Milano 2020

guest spot

INK-IN TATTOO di Jose Gonzalez (Marbella – SPAGNA)

ITALIAN STYLE TATTOO di Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Montesilvano – PS)

KOSTA DORIKA TATTOO di Tommaso Serpentini (Ancona)

LIQUID EYE tattoo studio di Furio Lombardi (Forlì)

SHANGA TATTOO & PIERCING di Lele Carano (Cervia – Ravenna)

OFF THE MAP di Alex de Pase (Cervignano – UD)

THE INKFESTED HOUSE di Clod the Ripper (Brugherio – Monza)

KORG TATTOO STUDIO di Giordano Magliano e Carlos Spinelli (Bellinzona, AUSTRIA)

FREEHAND TATTOO FUCKTORY di Daniele Dazi (Mosciano – Pescara)

TERZO OCCHIO tattoo studio di Emanuela Bilella (Santilario d’Enza – RE)

OFF THE MAP di Gabe Ripley (Easthampton- Massachussets USA)

MICROMUTAZIONI tattoo studio di Acunzo Antonio (Napoli)

ALLEGRO CHIRURGO tattoo studio di Beppe Lazzari (Siena)

DIAMOND TATTOO art lab di Roberto Terzi (Pesaro)

DIAMOND TATTOO art lab di Mattia Serafini e Roberto Terzi (Senigallia)

DIAMOND TATTOO art lab di Roberto Terzi (Monza)

LIGHTHAUS TATTOO di Luca Natalini (Montecatini)

CORE LATINO tattoo studio di Paolo Core (Roma)

INSIDE tattoo studio di Donna Mayla (Teramo)

OFF THE MAP di Jeff Gogue (Grantspass- Oregon USA)

CHAPTERONE tattoo di Cash Scott (San Diego – California USA)

WALLACE TATTOO STUDIO di Marco Wallace (Milano)