tremendous anxieties of contagion entered my head after being COVID POSITIVA I see the possibility of contagion

given to the health emergency we are going through, it is necessary to take additional measures to minimize the risk of contagion and maximize sanitation protocols, not just gloves and mask

here are the new procedures adopted, suggested by the State and Region Guidelines:

  • it is possible to get tattooed only if you have a GREEN PASS, I kindly ask you to send it to me the day before our appointment
  • if you have flu symptoms of any kind, even mild ones, we will not be able to meet, so please notify me as soon as possible and we will postpone the appointment without losing the deposit paid
  • at our meeting you will be measured the fever with an infrared thermometer and if it is greater than 37 ° we will not be able to proceed with our appointment, you will have to go home and we will proceed to organize a new appointment as soon as possible
  • during all the time we will spend together the use of the mask
  • in every room of the studio you will find hand sanitizer gel, I ask you to use them as much as possible and to sanitize your hands often
  • It is possible to be accompanied ONLY by an accompanying person and ONLY IF equipped with a GREEN PASS
  • before entering the tattoo area, you will be provided with additional personal protection devices

and here are the procedures that the Council of Ministers Internal to My Head has activated to minimize the risk of contagion and maximize the sanitation protocols of the premises:

  • I renovated the structure of the studio to prefer plasterboard walls where previously there were rustic wooden walls
  • all the raw wood that you will encounter in the studio’s eco-sustainable furnishings has been treated with a special wax to make it waterproof and easy to sanitize
  • I put at your disposal a dedicated toilet, while I will use a second private bathroom
  • 98% of the paintings and accessories that furnished the rooms have been eliminated to avoid as many areas as possible where germs, bacteria and viruses can stop and hide, favoring a minimalist concept
  • I have also eliminated books, magazines and catalogs (guys, the paper must be abolished, even from the restaurant menus they have removed it!) in favor of more technological entertainment; there is a 50 ”plasma TV with Netflix and Sky and an iPad full of interesting apps to pass the time and a direct link to my TattooBlog, full of readings on the tattoo and gossip about me ^_^
  • all the rooms have been repainted with lime and gypsum-based paints, antibacterial by nature, and have been equipped with natural antibacterial filters for the constant sanitization of the air
  • obviously the location of the studio facilitates the natural ventilation of the premises with clean air ^_^
  • I have adopted extra personal protection measures in my work uniform for the execution of the tattoo, to come into direct contact with your body safely, preferring sterilizable and non-disposable materials, to maintain my essential value of eco-sustainability
  • I have digitized all that little that I have not yet digitized, that is, the large and dusty paper archive; everything else was already digitalized, starting from informed consents, customer cards, e-mail consultations and the possibility of making an appointment only online, avoiding physical contact through the use of technology ^_^
  • for the hours of tattoo design, in case of good weather we have a huge outdoor chilling area in the middle of nature
  • for lunch, in case of good weather we have a very big outdoor dining room, with panoramic views and two separate tables; in case of bad weather, we have equipped the dining table inside with a giant plexiglas partition

but the really really important thing is that I only make one tattoo a day and possibly every other day, to leave a lot of plenty hours between one customer and another and allow even the exchange of air and the stasis for a long period outdoors they kill the virus independently

I also activated some initiatives aimed to help in some way the Cesena Hospital through personal donations and fundraisers, which did not serve to specifically protect our future meeting but to improve the emergency situation health ^_^

surely it is always possible to do more, but even in the hospital it is possible to get infected, so perhaps it is not possible to do everything

I tried to do a lot ^_^


Lady Sara