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PSICO DESIGN - the symbolism of tattoos

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this mini article is a compendium of the meanings contained and hidden in the images


in the column “PSICO DESIGN – the psychology of drawings” I face the meaning and symbolism of things from a perhaps legendary or perhaps primordial point of view to apply it in the representation of a tattoo


let’s be clear: these are image symbologies, they are NOT ONLY SYMBOLS FOR TATTOOS


you have probably asked yourself many times: I would like to tattoo “this meaning” but I don’t know how to represent it …
well, here you will find many ideas about it ^ _ ^



in any case, these are fairy tales that make us dream, science does not exist here


the pre-frontal cortex of the brain has no grip here,
we move within the emotions of the limbic brain
or the instinct of the reptilian brain


our brain is in fact made up of three fundamental parts:

  • the prefrontal cortex, which is the abode of logic and reason
  • the emotional brain, which is obviously the home of emotions, which enlight us in a moment, unleashing our fury, or if we are invaded by fear or flooded with love and bliss
  • the reptilian brain, which is the home of our primordial instincts, rooted in us since we were primitive men who needed to react instinctively, without thinking, to be able to save their lives; he is the first to receive messages from the outside and analyze them

there are two types of symbology

evocative or associative


the evocative (or unconscious) symbology speaks to the reptilian brain and triggers strong psychological messages that our prefrontal cortex is not always aware of


practically, if you suffer of Alzheimer and you don’t remember anything, these messages would still reach you ^_^
like when you see a skull and you run away horrified by death


associative symbology, on the other hand, was born from the prefrontal cortex, it’s in fact man who has attached the symbology to the element through logic
like the rose, for example, a flower that symbolizes love only as a commonplace



today as yesterday, in tribal and religious rituals that are thousands of years old, getting a tattoo is a ritual that increases the awareness we have of us, of our experiences, of our dreams, of our core values


we learn a little better about the person we want to be tomorrow, when we see a little better how we are today and how we were yesterday


this is a compendium of associative or evocative symbologies of some of the most used elements for a tattoo, or more easily usable