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The information below are ALL ESSENTIAL so please read carefully through to the end, thanks.

The appointment for your tattoo is fixed.

!! BUT !!

will be considered confirmed ONLY AFTER you have done ALL these simple steps:


Read the protocol for the Covid-19 emergency


Finally, it will be useful for you to read my vademecum with the things TO DO and DON’T DO before a tattoo, some fun information to make the appointment easier for both, you and me


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Terms and conditions:

◉ the payment of the deposit is mandatory, or the appointment is not confirmed and will be canceled as soon as the agreed times have elapsed;


◉ tax receipt is issued today, but will be delivered by hand on the day of the tattoo;


◉ the deposit is non-returnable and will be charged to the overall service.

If for any reason the appointment will be canceled by the operator, the deposit will be returned by bank transfer no later than 30 days from the communication of the IBAN code; if the IBAN code is not communicated within 30 days of the notification of the cancellation of the appointment, the amount will be retained in compensatio.

In the event of a lockdown due to the Covid-19 health emergency, if it will not be possible to make the appointment on the agreed date, the customer can choose whether to move the appointment and keep the full amount of the deposit valid or receive a refund of the sum , reduced by 68% of taxes.

It is not possible to move the appointment to other dates because there are no other dates, therefore in all other cases the sum paid will be entirely withheld by way of penalty and refund for tattoo design.