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lady sara

I'm looking for lines and feelings to transform them in eternal moments,

but I can't find the boundary between lines and words so I draw the stories and tell the drawings


my name is Sara 
and I'm an Italian tattoo artist, most of the time, but I'd like to put my hands wherever I could get them dirty

I was born in a bookstore, 
reading stories and drawing them and so, I became a serial designer of story

My approach to tattoos is based on listening to my customer, what they want to share with me… a story, a meaning, a memory, a feeling...

. Everything begin from that . 
From a past memory that I represent now in the present; 
a moment that will be forever on my customer in the future. 


Tatouage avant-garde d'élite means:

means for me creating lines and feelings for eternal moments. 

Avant-garde because it breaks the rules and focus on different styles, mixing them, also when theoretically it shouldn't work or when nobody trust this. 
Often, avant-garde represent itself in stronger styles, naked and pessimists ones, but not me This is why I used before the word "élite". 

Elite because It's not a style that everyone likes, but only the persons that have something to tell or share, someone who cares on details, who love poetries and aim to happiness, can like this style.

I don't prepare drafts in advance:

you can find me, my tattoos and my everyday life obviously on social networks

A B O U T M E :
tattoos performed in career
years of working experience
% drawings approved at the first attempt
national and international working experiences

I'm not perfect, but I'm different

if you are looking for an anti-conventional approach to tattooing you are in the right place,
here the experience of life is put at the first place

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

the architecture of the building and the entire working cycle, from the choice of materials to the disposal of waste, is based on the circular ethics of eco-sustainability, thus reducing the environmental impact of the tattoo. A portion of my revenues is invested in improving this project.

READ the article 



all the materials that I use for work are chosen to get a more natural tattoo experience, better accepted from the body; they DO NOT contain animal derivation ingredients and follow a #crueltyfree ethic so they are NOT tested on animals > they are also NICKEL FREE

READ the article



#TATTOOBENEFIT is my NEW INITIATIVE TO HELP someone to make this strange world a little bit better; it is my fundraising initiative born in 2012 that continues under various forms; currently a portion of my revenues is donated to socially useful charity campaigns that respect my #vegan & #ecofriendly lifestyle. 

Psico Design

Psico Design

I draw through the psychology of the image to follow your instinct; because if you are attracted to an image there is a reason and I probably know what it is ...
Do you want to know it too? Ok, but sometimes I also find things you wouldn't want to find ... this can be  difficult to understand, so I wrote this FREE DOWNLOAD

A TATTOO WITH ME it's not the experience you usually think of when you go to get a tattoo  


what does it mean? let's see… 

✔︎ a day of relaxation exclusively for you, on vacation from the world and hidden from society where there is only you and your path, without distractions > this is possible thanks to the isolated location of my tattoo studio and the compartmentalized organization of the days of tattoos divided by administration days

✔︎ no drawing in advance > I cannot draw your story without knowing you, so it is impossible for me to prepare a drawing by exchanging a few emails or phone calls ... on the day of the appointment we will know each other and, through my collaborative drawing method, we will carefully choose the subjects and all the details of the tattoo

✔︎ no drawing? NO PROBLEM! obviously I will take care of this; I'll take care of addressing you even when you don't have the slightest idea yet, I just need a story to tell ...

✔︎ drawing through the psychology of the image > sing the study of your history and intrinsic emotions, combined with the study of the symbolism of images and the emotions hidden in them. There is always a reason if you are instinctively attracted to an image, and I probably know what it is. Do you want to know it? Ok, but sometimes I also find hidden things ... this is a difficult point to understand and I have described a practical example in this FREE DOWNLOAD

✔︎ no copy & paste > the tattoo is designed together with the customer and for the customer, therefore OBVIOUSLY it will never be reproduced on any other; because it's your story and nobody else can wear it

✔︎ post tattoo assistance and final GIFT BOX > a gift pack with useful and trivial things, but also everything you need for a careful healing of the tattoo > CLICK HERE to read the guide I wrote with all the indications for a simple POST TATTOO

!!! here is what YOU WILL NOT FIND from me !!!

# a commercial tattoo, maybe already seen somewhere or on someone else

# a cold and detached experience, sterile of feelings > will not be a "you arrive, enter, I tattoo you, pay and go, bye bye"

# you won't find the stereotype tattoo artist in the stereotype tattoo studio > the big guy all tattooed, dressed in black and with a cigarette in his mouth, tattooing everything in silence, without speaking, in a studio with white walls, the windows darkened and some skulls here and there

# drawing ready, done at home alone with no trouble > "take, choose and go ..." 

WARNING: it is not wrong to get a tattoo like this!
absolutely indeed, even I am full of tattoos so on my body .... but I don't work like this

who are NOT suitable for this approach to tattooing
I mean…WHY????
Why is it so necessary? Why does it become a drug? ….. WHY?!? 


it's my tattoo studio, but above all it's my home.


The Rock House was born from the need to create a unique place where I could dedicate myself intimately to art and reconnect myself to the splendor of nature ... after having used my energy externally for so long, was born the desire to return to myself .

Inside the Rock House there is "The Salottino Rock - the Rock Lounge", my tattoo studio, born as meeting and exchange place for unconventional minds that see and live the world in their own way.


 #lounge: because it is inspired by the early twentieth century French salons, run by diplomatic women, were you can met open minds people, philosophers, artists, painters, poets, writers ... a place to start changing the world.

#rock: by definition it is all that is nonconformist, who sees things from a different point of view from the majority of society, a word of protest and revolt, freedom of expression, of change

The goal of the Rock Lounge is to work humbly and with dedication to spread art as much as possible in the world, to make it more tattooed, more colorful, happier, more expressive and more alive, maybe ... more aware.



Beautiful !!!
you have the opportunity to stay for a nice weekend in Romagna, between relax, tracking and many culinary pleasures; Now organizing your escapade is very easy with the tourist guide I wrote for you!


here is a little video ^ _ ^
to make you understand what you might encounter if you come to visit the splendor of the Romagna region


but above all, a video a little longer to show you this little corner of paradise of Mercato Saraceno, the municipality that hosts me ... because, I'm really in love with it

THE BLOG: A Curly On Air

is the first tattoo blog (of the world?!?) that tells the contemporary tattoo

gossip, myths and legends of the tattoo,
useful and futile information, my artistic-depressive crises and the #poppyblog with the annexed Poppy Revolution

what is my tattoed life style today ?!  This.

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you can send me your project and I'll give you all the information about it ^_^


the Lady Sara GARANTEE

My tattoos are recognizable and invisibly wear my signature, so I want them to be perfect, because they are my best business card.

So let's see what I can and want to guarantee:

original sketch

design created together with the customer and for the customer guarantee the originality of the design and that will never be reproduced on others

100% approved designs
15 years of experience and high level techniques
HIGH QUALITY materials
proceeding according to law
free retouch


a step by step guide with 5 things to do and not to do to heal your new tattoo




protective cream? NO THANKS

sure, but at least you need to know what are the effects your tattoo goes against READ THE ARTICLE


now you know everything about me and my working method

would you like to send me your project? sure? perfect!


sono una disegnatrice seriale di storie, a caccia di linee e sentimenti per attimi eterni

mercato saraceno - FC - ItalyEmail: info@ladysaratattoo.itTelefono: +39 329 39 222 15

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