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Hi =) my name is Sara and I’m an italian tattoo artist.
Tatouage avant-garde d'élite means, for me, creating lines and feelings in forever moments. 
My approach to tattoos is based on listening to my customer, what they want to share with me… a story, a meaning, a memory, a feeling. Everything begin from that.  From a past memory that I represent now in the present; a moment that will be forever on my customer in the future. Avant-garde because it breaks the rules and focus on different styles, mixing them, also when theoretically it shouldn't work or when nobody trust this. Often, avant-garde represent itself in stronger styles, naked and pessimists ones. This is why I used before the word "élite". Elite because It's not a style that everyone likes, but only the persons that have something to tell or share, someone who cares on details, who love poetries and aim to happiness, can like this style.

::my next stops abroad::

Massachusetts - Off the Map tattoo studio  24-25-26 april 2k17
Ohio - Hell City tattoo convention 28.29.30 april 2k17
Athene tattoo convention 12.13.14 may 2k17
Berlin tattoo convention  4.5.6. august 2k17
Oregon - Off th map tattoo studio - 25.29 september 2k17

In my tattoo studio I have organized through years many charity events like "Walk in benefit day" for supporting associations for tumors research and pediatric wards like " doctors clown".
I have created an artistic laboratory where we organize evening courses on artistic field (painting, drawing, calligraphy, photography, make up… )
The aim is to lead as much people as possible approach to the art that fit them.
Because I think that a more artistic world would be a little bit less stressed and happier
On the basis of these projects I also have attended others activities:
_ graffiti and murales like building renovation 
_ art exhibitions and aperitifs
_ summer drawing courses for children 
_ I have donated a painted plinth at Amsterdam tattoo convention for cattery's fundraising
_ for Seasheperd national holiday I have done and donated a canvas for their fundraising and other….

::how I work::

I don't prepare drafts in advance.

it all starts with a story, a tale, a memory, a feeling ...
with what you’d like to start to tell me and so.. I start to dream, like I'm reading a book, and I imagine the scenes that you create and then I'll explain it to you.
I don't prepare drafts in advance.
I’d like to draw everything together with the customer, because I think that the tattoo should be as far as yours and mine and I want to share the structure of the project.
So the day of the appointment I’ll arrive with my luggage package of images and symbols.
I present myself with all those meanings and that details that you have not told me, but I've discovered
and together we decide what is good for us, what does not, and we create the basis for drawing together until all the details are hypothesized (colors, techniques, subjects)

and there begins the tattoo

::art studies:

drawing lessons at “Atelier dei Fratelli Vaccari”
annual drawing course at “Accademia Romagna”
semestral drawing course at “Wonderlab”, teacher Lucia Centolani
watercolor workshop, teacher Lucia Centolani
photography workshop, photographer Andrea Ghirelli
professionale make up lessons, make up artist Apollonia Tolo
workshop on lettering tattoo, tattoo artist Marco Brigante
Steiner’s watercolor course, teacher Francesca Cantoni
workshop “watercolor japanese painting,sumie” teacher Alessio Atzeni
calligraphy workshop stylus tip truncate, teachers Chiara Neviani Stefania Giunchi
calligraohy brush workshop, teacher Barbara Calzolari 
WWTC - World Wide Tattoo Conference - venice 2014
Venetian tattoo gathering - venice 2016
workshop “the caos geometry” tattoo artist Orge kalodimas
workshop “Bianco e nero: tecniche ed intuizioni” tattoo artist Matteo Pasqualin
workshop “longevity of the tattoo artist” tattoo artist Durb Morrison
workshop “copics are man’s best friend” tattoo artist Damon Cocklin
individual workshop, tattoo artist tatuatore Luca Natalini
workshop “Il flow del disegno” tattoo artist Luca Natalini
private lessons in oil painting, teacher Francesca Mazzini
calligraphy workshop HAND LETTERING, teacher Stefania Giunchi
calligraphy workshop AMERICAN COURSIVE HANDWRITING, teacher Alessandro Salice
calligraphy workshop GOTICH ITALIC, teacher Barbara Calzolari

::working experience::

from 2004, 4 year of part time apprenticeship (unpaid) at Totem Tattoo (FC)
from 2008, 4 year of full time apprenticeship (paid) at Totem Tattoo (FC)
(first tattoo done on real skin in February 2012)
owner of WonderLand Tattoo Studio 2012-2015
on 2014 owner of WonderLab - art studio for evening class
on summer 2015 resident at LIQUID EYE TATTOO SHOP di Furio Lombardi (Forlì)
actually owner of SALOTTINO ROCK a Santa Maria Nuova (FC-Italy) and semi-resident artist at OFF THE MAP ITALY (Cervignano del friuli - UD - Italy)

::guest spot:

INK-IN TATTOO di Jose Gonzalez (Marbella - SPAGNA) 
ITALIAN STYLE TATTOO di Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Montesilvano - PS)
KOSTA DORIKA TATTOO di Tommaso Serpentini (Ancona)
LIQUID EYE tattoo studio di Furio Lombardi (Forlì)
SHANGA TATTOO & PIERCING di Lele Carano (Pinarella - Ravenna)
OFF THE MAP di Alex de Pase (Cervignano - UD)
THE INKFESTED HOUSE di Clod the Ripper (Brugherio - Monza)
KORG TATTOO STUDIO di Giordano Magliano e Carlos Spinelli (Bellinzona, AUSTRIA)
FREEHAND TATTOO FUCKTORY di Daniele Dazi (Mosciano - Pescara)
TERZO OCCHIO tattoo studio di Emanuela Bilella (Santilario d’Enza - RE) 
OFF THE MAP di Gabe Ripley (Easthampton- Massachussets USA)
MICROMUTAZIONI tattoo studio di Acunzo Antonio (Napoli)
ALLEGRO CHIRURGO tattoo studio di Beppe Lazzari (Siena)
DIAMOND TATTOO art lab di Roberto Terzi (Pesaro)
DIAMOND TATTOO art lab di Mattia Serafini e Roberto Terzi (Senigallia)
LIGHTHAUS TATTOO di Luca Natalini (Montecatini)
CORE LATINO tattoo studio di Paolo Core (Roma)
INSIDE TATTOO STUDIO di Donna Mayla (Teramo)
WALLACE tattoo STudio di Wallace (Milano)

::tattoo convention:

Summer Tattoo Festival - Senigallia 2014
East Coast Tattoo Convention - Pescara 2015
Salento Ink - Brindisi 2015
Summer Tattoo Festival - Senigallia 2015
Italian tattoo artist - Torino 2015
Ankon tattoo convention - Ancona 2015
Female tattoo convention - Roma 2016
International Tattoo Expo di Roma - Roma 2016
Lecce tattoo fest - Lecce 2016
Painting booth at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering - Venezia 2016
Amsterdam tattoo convention - Amsterdam 2016
Summer tattoo festival - Senigallia 2016
Barcellona tattoo expo - Barcellona 2016
International Tattoo Expo di Roma - Roma 2017
Athens tattoo convention - Atene 2017
Hell City tattoo Convention - Columbus (Ohio) 2017
ITS Riccione International Tattoo Show - Riccione 2017
Berlin Tattoo Convention - Berlin 2017

::personal mission:
create lines and feelings for eternal moments

::INFORMATION GUIDE for tourists:

here you can Download our “INFORMATION GUIDE for tourists " If you are or will be, or would be, our future customer and come from out of town, here you can find all the useful information for journey .... for all the missing information, you can ask to Sabrina! ^ _ ^



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