: Psico Design ep. 12 : YELLOW

YELLOW, the hidden meaning in a tattoo 


in this short article of the section “PSICO DESIGN – the psychology of the drawings” we address the meaning and symbolism of the YELLOW from a mythical or primordial point of view, to apply it in the portrayal of the tattoo


Anyway, we speak of fairytales that make us dream, there’s no time for science here


The prefrontal cortex has no ground here, we move within the emotions of the limbic brain or the instinct of the reptilian brain 


the yellow color is linked to light


The more evident aspect of light is to come out from a central source to radiate in all directions. 

Moving from the inside out, yellow corresponds to a movement of enlargement, a centrifugal impulse of opening, liberation, escape 


(such as: let’s go conquer the world, man!!)


in physics, yellow bodies are the ones that most reflect light, which by remaining on the surface, gives objects a brighter and wider appearance 


with these superficial properties you will get a joyful and lively look


but above all

the yellow color comes at the moment when the escape and the detachment from reality become more marked and extreme, when physical energies are scattered in all directions and they are lost in confusion until they are exhausted, yes, it’s here that yellow comes to our mind and proverbially refers to stupidity and madness


Like in ancient Greece or China, where “the fools” to be recognized were obliged to dress in yellow


as a symbolism linked to the yellow color, this one is more unusual and refined, however the most common is always the one referred to positivity and happiness ^_^

which is true as well, but everyone knows about it


yellow is the color of the sun and the summer, the time of the year where everyone is happier and active and our hormones dance everywhere


with love,

by Lady Sara