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I look for lines and feelings to turn them into eternal moments, but I don't find the border between lines and words so I draw the stories and tell the drawings

my name is Sara and I am a tattoo artist most of the time but I would get my hands wherever I can get them dirty. I was born inside a bookshop reading stories and drawing them and so, I would say that I became a serial designer of stories


in normal daily life I get messed up by my passions and when I go to the restaurant I order everything. I would like to be paid for reading, reading all day with my nose hidden in the middle of the printed pages


I started traveling as a child while sleeping in the back seat of a fiery red AlfaSud with two hippie parents in command, and I always continued. my favorite game as a child was to be a gipsy. at 12 I went to England in the summertime to study in college and at 16 I left in exchange for the other part of the world, Chile, without instagram, facebook or whatsapp


I love to go into life, not to be a tourist

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I cook, vegan and eat a lot.

I have an overactive mind and I can’t get bored, I actually believe I don’t know what boredom is. I like lateral thinking, multi-potentials and those who throw themselves with their hands in dough because trying does not harm, at best you learn. I don’t like multitasking but I can’t do without it  because I get distracted with the flapping of butterfly wings

I have venus strabismus, white hair and I am a romantic fist in the stomach

by one side I am a giant-sized little girl, on the other side I fear for my strength, I have not yet understood whether physical or charismatic. I tell stories that stumble but then cut in half to immediately remove the stone from the apple. I can accompany you wherever you want … but I always tell the truth, because I can’t keep even a chickpea in a shoe, imagine a thought in your pocket. or a dream in a drawer


at 19 I was studying Economics & Commerce, I had an accounting diploma, a master’s degree in web page design and an equivalent diploma from a Chilean Scientific College. I dreamed of becoming a very strenuous manager, a pissed off single who comes to a company and fires half of the staff. then something definitely happened that I hadn’t budgeted for, as I would always say, on the other hand I never understood a thing about myself


I have always rounded up my income working in a disco, from 15 years upwards. as a warder or waitress, bartender or cashier, image girl or event organizer. I spent them all the roles. I’m shy, but obviously not so much. surely I like to be on the side of the VIPs, the insiders, those who have the pass partout to go out of the mess, here

outside the mess: yes, I like to stay there

I got there like this, to live on the top of a hill ^ _ ^


more gossip about me?


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years of experience in the sector


designs approved on the first try


national and international work experiences


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But it is reflective and doses thoughts and words well. "It means expressing the other. Make it come out. Bring out what he is or is happening to him. And give him tools to deal with a change, because we often tattoo ourselves something we don't yet know the deep meaning of. This will emerge slowly ”The point is not to bring out your art as a tattoo artist, to make people understand how good you are. So one ends up hopelessly proposing something of one's own and saying to the other: "Choose, which one do you want? Which of these MY drawings? ". There is no expression of the person but only consumerism, mass production.

What does it mean to tattoo? Listening and translating .Sara still hugs herself in the sweater but not because of the cold. He stops to think. This girl seems like an impulsive dreamer, who makes bucolic choices, devours books, loves art, listens to music, lets her thick curls grow, determined not to resort to dyes when the appointment with silver will show up.

"the first thing I said to myself is: she is different from the rest of the world and I would like she tells my story. But above all I am fascinated by the fact that you have really understood the true meaning of your gift: you don't just tattoo, I I don't come to you with a ridiculous photo and I undress to get a symbol or a thing tattooed that I don't even know the true meaning of ... I come to you with my story in my hands and I find it incredible that the undressing is not just of clothes, as happens in all the studios, but both of the soul ... so that you can see my inner design and make it surface on the skin as if it were an image there forever ... I see it in every jobs you do ... I see the soul of the people you tattoo and I find what you do incredible ... thanks! "