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I love transforming a body that another event transformed before me

I really like the idea of being part of this change
I believe that all tattoos bring a very significant psychological change, but scar cover-ups even more and have many more possibilities to permanently change someone’s life


most of the scars I cover are psychological, invisible to the eye
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scar cover-ups require more work compared to tattoos on “blank canvas”:

  • they require longer, more detailed and meticulous design 
  • different technical skills
  • a different management of the skin and timing 
  • it’s more likely that a tattoo touch-up will be needed after 6-8 weeks because scarred skin may choose to heal differently than healthy skin 
  • they also require more careful and meticulous care by the client during the healing process ^_^


for these reasons, scars normally have a higher price list

but instead, I apply a discount to the price list ^_^ because I love being part of these huge life changes ^_^ and you won’t sign any binding contract, so if you don’t feel it even at the last moment, we can always stop everything

I know you’re excited to know if I can technically cover your scar   so send me a message with some photos on wup  and I’ll give you a QUICK opinion on the technical feasibility


then, for the actual consultation and to receive all the information about your project, you’ll need to proceed as usual and fill out the FORM ^_^

until recently, I treated this topic with total discretion and silence

respecting the client and their distress, I never even dared to ask for a photo

then a girl asked me to make her story public cause she was now very proud of it  and cause it was now a past nightmare!
that day, she came with me to a TATTOO CONVENTION, showing everyone her leg and showing the photo of how it was before… I saw her walking around in short pants, and I saw photos of her at the beach in a swimsuit, knowing that she had never done it for thirty years!<span class="Apple-converted-space">

I posted her photos, and since then, many people have discovered that they also have an alternative


this is the photographic story of Ilaria 

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and other people who, after her, had the courage to tell their story of change: