it's my initiative to help someone to make this strange world a little better

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in my life I have never been rich and I have never been able to do great charitable works, only few coins at the man outside the supermarket, buy Christmas oranges in the city square and be enrolled in the AIDO – Italian Association of Organ Donors

so when I started my business I thought that donating one of my workdays wasn’t such a giant effort

so in 2012 I started the #BENEFITTATTOO tradition and since then more than 26,000 euros have been donated

10 €

are currently donated for each tattoo performed


are the initiatives organized so far to raise funds

34.000 €

euros donated until now


ideas for the future

I started as a


inviting some friends to join the cause to dedicate one of our working days to small tattoos with free admission, without an appointment, and all the proceeds from the day were donated to charity

I organized two por year: one in favor of the Clown Doctors who bring some fresh air to hospitalized children and one on October 15 in favor of anti-cancer research, on the occasion of the world day against breast cancer


since I moved to a private studio closed to the public – no longer on the road – I no longer have the possibility to organize WALK IN DAY

but within the project of bringing my life – and therefore my work too – towards an eco-friendly and bio-sustainable style, it also seems to me a duty and a correlation to continue in my own small way to create fundraising initiatives to help those who are looking to improve this world, those who seek to improve the mess made by human consumerism

the sum collected in the last quarter was donated to TREEDOM> a web platform that deals with planting fruit trees in specific areas of the world, helping the planet through global CO2 absorption, reforestation and biodiversity protection , thus financing local farmers

it’s a little, but is not nothing 

have a nice day,
Lady Sara
#stayrock & #begreen