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To make a tattoo with Lady Sara

Goodmorning 🙂
To better understand your project and give you all the information that you need, I ask you to fill out the following form and send me this photos:

  1. a photo of the area of your body that you want to tattoo
  2. reference images of the subject that you want to tattoo
  3. reference images of mine tattoos that you liked more



All questions must be answered.

Answering this questionnaire don’t mean that you will be tattooed, but allow me to understand your project

have a nice day,
Lady Sara

    appointment in my tattoo studio, SALOTTINO ROCKUSA - east coast


    2200€ + > more than one session1400-2000€ > more than one subject, maximum size A4800-1200€ > ONE simple subject, the size of a hand300-600€ > an inscription, ONLY words


    I ask you to attach the following images (minimum one photo per type, maximum 3)
    Attention: do not attach high quality images, they could block your questionnaire in the server .You can send me high definition images via email later.
    Maximum size 3mb


    * campi obbligatori

    • FINDING PROBLEMS sending the questionnaire? •

    check to have correctly completed ALL the questionnaire (if something is missing it is highlighted in red) and that you have correctly inserted the requested images (with right size)

    if the problem persists try to use a different mobile or a pc to fill the form, some times some device have a block ^_^

    if the problem persists you can contact the “customer care assistance” sending me an SMS or WhatsApp and I will reply as soon as possible ^_^


    Normally I answer the questionnaire in 15/20 days, so if you do not receive an answer, the questionnaire probably did not reach me (I recommend checking also in your junk mail (spam)).


    see you soon in the email & have a nice day
    Lady Sara