you would like to get tattooed with me but….


you are far away and now you can’t reach me

you would like to have just a calligraphy or a small tattoo, but I don’t do it anymore?


    or … .. maybe you would like to have a drawing that tells your story because you are not a tattooed guy ^_^


I know, it can be and I have a proposal for you


I can create a design tailored for you and with you that tell your story ^_^



after any type of event in our life a small (or large) scar is created in our soul, in a positive or negative way


reworking the facts and reliving the emotions allows us to rewrite history in our favor, perhaps from a point of view that we had not previously considered


a bad fact can be felt less if we find the right light to look at, while an happy moment can become even more important and brighter


our brain is reprogrammable


analyzing a story together with a second person who guides you in the movements is an interesting experience


and even more interesting from a psychological point of view is to see a story transformed into a drawing, into something beautiful and something that can be seen and not only found in the fog of our mind


the first day:

  • a call on skype of 2-3 hours approximately directly with me in which:
        • talk and analyze your story together
        • decide which elements to include in the composition
        • design the drawing
        • create the moodboard
  • three high resolution pdfs with:
        • the complete drawing to print wherever you want”>
        • the color drawing
        • the black and white drawing, only lines, to be used in case of tattoo
  • the quick video of the creation of the drawing
  • the video storytelling of the creation of the design


a few days later you will receive by post:

  • eco-friendly framed drawing print
  • the map of the symbols of your design
  • the PSICODESIGN booklet with the symbolism of all the images contained in your drawing
  • a series of futile gadgets to make you smile ^_^


PRICE: from 200-600 euros based on the complexity of the design

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you can submit your project now

by filling in the questionnaire and within a couple of weeks I will provide you all the information, price and timing included

NB: filling in the questionnaire does not guarantee the execution of the drawing, but allows me to understand your story and understand if it belongs to me enough to draw it

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